Sunday, August 2, 2015

Going Green can Save You Money!


There are several ways to do your part when it comes to reducing climate change, some are easy, some are hard, and some save you money! The savings come when you do your yearly taxes, and can be federal or state tax credits. It won’t always be cheap up front, but when looking at the costs in the long term, it can definitely be more wallet, and environmentally friendly. For example, upgrading your home appliances from a regular appliance to a eco-friendly energy saver appliance can save you money. The appliance may be more upfront, but when you see your monthly energy bill, you’ll be glad you upgraded. Not to mention the added credit when you do your taxes for the year. There are also tax credits for upgrading large appliances such as water heaters, and energy sources (wind and solar). Did you know that you can also qualify for tax credits if you own a certain type of car, or convert your car? Just something to keep in mind when you go to purchase a new vehicle. These are only a few of the suggestions people can take to save money on the federal tax level. However, you might qualify for more based on where you live as well. Be sure to keep all your receipts when you do, as you might need them when you fill out your taxes. 
Check out for more information on federal tax credits and is a great website to use when looking up state tax credits for where you live. So the next time you go shopping for home improvements or for a new car, make sure you check out these websites first. You could be in for a better treat than you thought!

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