Friday, August 14, 2015

Saving Dollars on the Rack Pt. 2

Sustainable fashion, also called Eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.
Eco fashion is a relatively new industry as of 2007 that is dedicated to use innovation in order to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions affiliated with the textile industry. Some of the benefits this new industry are the ways in which the process for growth and manufacturing of textiles.

Practices are currently changing in this new industry and growth of the fabrics is being reutilized. Organic cotton although needing lots of water is arguably a decent fabric choice because it does not contain hazardous pesticides and fertilizers. Hemp is another fabric being looked at because it is highly productive and very easy to cultivate and is resilient to pests. Another reason hemp is being thought about is because its deep roots actually help to rejuvenate soil. Bamboo is on the brink of becoming the next hit in textile industry due to its ability to absorb greenhouse gasses while growing, however is very tough to make soft without the use harsh chemicals. A futuristic approach of recycled polyester has also made an appearance in the industry using recycled water bottles as a means

                As of recent times there have been two new advances in the way clothing is dyed which are bringing us to a more ecofriendly textile industry. The first one is for silk alon unfortunately. However silk is made from silkworms, and scientists have been feeding these worms different dyes with their normal diet, strange right? But it’s working! The process is called “Intrinsically Coloring” and the worms produce the color they were fed this is so recent that companies aren’t using it quite yet however we can expect to see it used in the silk industry soon!
                A little bit more common of a practice and one for more than just silk wearers is the technique of “Air Dye”. The process works on synthetic fabrics by heating up dye so much that it vaporizes and then sprayed on the fabrics. Results are better than you might expect as they have been featured on the Mercedes-Benz fashion week!

The eco fashion industry is working diligently to provide safer alternatives to making sure we stay clothed and recommend that we wear the clothes we own now for longer, including repairing damaged articles, and guess what? Recycle through that of Thrifting! 

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-Gregory Mallon

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