Thursday, August 13, 2015

Composting 101

Composting 101

In our blog survey, about one fifth of respondents stated that they do not compost. I, too, did not use to compost. But then when I learned how big of an impact composting can have on my local community and on the environment, as well as how little time it took and how easy it was, I easily switched to composting. Explore these websites to learn what composting is, and how you can start today!

For information on composting, including interactive games (for all ages), check out here.

For info on the composting program in Portland, Oregon, view this cool webpage.

For an awesome website on composting programs worldwide, explore this link.

Remember, food scraps are a significant source of waste produced each year, but can easily be diverted to compost for a better garden, reduced waste, and a greener world!

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