Thursday, July 30, 2009


We all know that there are severe repercussions to living in a food desert regard to one’s health, but it seems that they are dismissed or forgotten because those living in a food deserts simply do not have the time to think or afford healthy eating. Not only are there severe health problems associated with eating a lot of fast food and convenience store foods that include obesity and heart problems there are huge benefits and definitely are incentives for eating healthy and hopefully convince those living in food deserts to act which will provide incentive for local markets, farmer’s markets and other places that provide fresh produce and provide the foods necessary for healthy eating.

A list of benefits to eating healthy are:
1. Longer life: Research shows that people that eat healthy and lay off the fast food are typically less prone to illness and disease resulting in a longer life.
2. Vitality: Healthier foods give off the vitamins, minerals, fiber and are typically lower in fat and cholesterol and thus give a person more energy for his or her day. And
3. Lose weight: Healthy foods are typically less fat and calories than those fast food and convenience stores buys and in taking less calories does equal a slimmer waist line.

This is just a short list and the benefits are definitely not limited to them and in fact the list could simply go on and on, but you all get the picture. Food deserts are a severe problem and can be remedied and would definitely help out the lives of loads of people.


-Maria David

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