Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Community Gardens In the Northwest

Whether a rent-a-plot garden or a community garden, a demonstration garden or one grown by volunteers to help people in need, vegetable gardens are becoming more than just a great source of food. Early on, no one took time to think that while gardens provide food for the stomach, they also provide food for the soul. Gardens can be healing. They add beauty to neighborhoods and provide camaraderie and a sense of community (Barrow). Being able to start your own garden gives you a sense of ownership and pride, knowing that what you have created is going to be worth it. Packets of seed usually cost less than a few dollars and will provide more than enough plants for the season. One of the other benefits of garden fresh food is that it tastes better, you can always tell when you eat a organically grown fresh fruit bursts of flavor in you mouth especially when you compare it to the packaged and hormone injected, ginormous fruits now a days. Now it's much easier to get a hand on these community grown gardens through sources that you find through friends, websites, newspapers, television and so on. Here is a site where you can actually find a garden closest to you. The only thing you have to do is make the effort and change that you need in your life. By changing the ways you eat to more organic and healthy foods you are actually benefiting not only yourself but the environment as well. The you pick farm website is listed below for anyone who is interesting in locating a farm nearest to your home here in the Northwest. Ideas such as these are great ways in trying tot better our food desert issues we have going on. With that, you are benefiting so much to your health and considering this is more important than anything also, It significantly lowers the rate of chronic diseases in your community. If Oregon were to become more green I can only imagine how people would be living happier and most importantly, healthier lives today. We need to bring our pride of diversity that we share and come together to make Oregon a more beautiful place to live in.

You Pick Farm website:


Abdelrahman Odeh

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