Friday, July 10, 2009

Possible Solutions to Food Desert

By Peichen Su

Is there any possible ways to change the condition of food desert? Some people are simply too poor or too sick to get to stores that are far away. Or they just don’t have the time for it. What can be done to the problem as it is getting worse?

Upon researching, I have found two ways that may answer the problem.

First, the city may introduce farmer’s market to the community. Having farmers come to the center of the city with their fresh produce! In Portland area, people are generally familiar with Saturday Market. They bring in fresh flowers, vegetables, fruit, and live music. Many have benefited from the fresh produces. According to Smith (2009), it has been effectively implemented in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. Cities may negotiate with the farmers for a affordable price for the communities.

Second option is fresh produce delivering service. Bauman (2008) pointed out that the health department in New York has successfully developed a fresh produce delivery business with Veggie Mobile. People in Albany have responded positively and expressed the greater saving through the delivery problem.

Ultimately, both options would encourage the need for a market of fresh produces. Eventually, large grocery stores would see the market for building a store in the area and the food desert problem may be solve permanently. That is the goal to increase the awareness of food desert and lead to the conclusion of the need of such stores.

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