Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Deserts and the EFNEP Program - Amanda Oliszewski

A food desert is an urban area of a city that has a very low income that the residents have to go to extrodinary lengths to buy fresh groceries. These residents are not capable of being able to obtain nutritents in their diet to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, due to the options in the area being so poor. These neighbors are typically litered with junk food chains, that can offer the cheap way to fill the belly, but not the sustainance that is required for proper health. Many of these residents of the food deserts do not understand the need for a change in the lifestyle.

There is currently a cause in the Ohio area that is working to help with low income families and helping them to buy healthy, inexpensive food options. They work to educate on nutrition and look to bring positive changes into the lives of these people. They want people to know that just because food is healthy, that it isn't expensive and tastes bad, but something that can make them live a longer healthier lifestyle.

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