Monday, July 13, 2009


CarrotMob is an organization that Brent Schuklin invented," the focus is on positive cooperation"(Time Magazine, June 8th, 2009).
Instead of boycotting stores that use unfreindly environmental energy, he encourages people to shop at their local convient stores and spend money, buy any product and increase the cash flow to the store. The increase in the cash flow is to encourage the store operater to invest in environmental freindly energy, such as lighting, wind power or solar panels.
I think that this idea could be used for Food Deserts.
The Ecopolproject could encourage people to shop their local convience store and ask them to supply healthy food and purchase it, which can encourage the store operator to invest in the foods that the customers need.
I think this would encourage store operators to notice a customer base that would support them locally.It would also help the local community release itself from the burdens of acquiring food from areas that are difficult to get too. by will dillon

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