Monday, July 20, 2009

Proposed Food Desert Solution

Can online grocery services provided by companies like Amazon and Safeway help people living in food deserts get access to healthy foods? For those with internet access, yes, this is a possibility. But many people living in food deserts do not have access to the internet, let alone own a computer. The following article addresses the food desert issue and proposes that good corporate citizenship might help.

Deliver Us From Food Deserts

-Sightline Daily: Northwest News that Matters (03/15/2009)

" 'Food deserts' are places in urban areas where people have limited access to healthy, fresh, and reasonably-priced food. The only options are hard-bitten markets where you can find cigarettes, cheap beer, and packaged snack foods, but nothing like apples, pasta, or milk. In Portland and Seattle, food deserts tend to be in low-income neighborhoods or suburbs where many residents rely on transit service or foot-power. (Think parts of northeast Portland or Seattle's South Park, for example.)"

{post by: Andy Nichols}

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