Monday, July 20, 2009

Roof Top Gardens/Food Deserts Researched by will dillon

There has been an increase in the interest of roof top gardens. These gardens can help with the alleviation of Food Deserts. Listed below are several reasons for individuals and businesses to think about for installation of rooftop gardens any type of roof can work which will allow people to grow food that is accessible and nutritious.

Increase access to private outdoor green space-at home or at work-within the urban environment
Support urban food production
Promote individual, community, and cultural diversity
Improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions
Delay stormwater runoff
Increase habitat for birds
Insulate buildings
Increase the value of buildings for owners and tenants alike
Create job opportunities in the field of research, design, construction, Iandscaping/gardening, health, and food production
Reference: Aimee Blyth and Leslie Menagh Canadian Organic Growers Magazine

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