Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue-Ray or a DVD disc?...

In an article written for the Canada Free Press, Diane Crow gives some examples of planned obsolescence that are really illustrative of how big the problem of either producing products to be obsolete or marketing to make products obsolete has become. One of the examples used in the article is about the difference between the Blue-Ray disc and the standard DVD used to view movies. The answer is – there is none! There is very little visual difference between a Blue-Ray or a DVD disc, but the cost of both Blue-Ray discs and Blue-Ray equipment is easily twice as much as DVD technology, if not three times as much! The Blue-Ray craze was started to make a profit, and wasn’t a necessary development because DVD technology is still relevant.

From cars to nylons to cell phones, consumers have to start demanding that products are made to last and stop buying into the marketing departments ploys to get us to buy just for fashion’s sake.

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By: Abdullah Alarifi

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