Monday, May 17, 2010

The difference between planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence

In her animated presentation video "The story of stuff" Annie Leonard talks a little bit about the difference between planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence. She simply defines planned obsolescence as "designed for the dump". So, planned obsolescence, as Annie says, is basically a plan of how fast the designers can make stuff break while making sure that consumers have enough faith in the product to go out and buy another one. However, stuff sometimes can not break fast. Therefore, they came up with something called perceived obsolescence, which is a plan that convinces us to throw away stuff that still perfectly useful by changing the way the stuff look.

For more information about all the problems come along with the process of how things are manufactured, distributed and disposed, I recommend that you visit Annie Leonard's website "The story of stuff" and watch the animated presentation video The story of stuff and more other videos.

Added by: Saud Alsultan

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