Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Geek.

Ok then,
we've been talking about the recycling and  the obsolete hardware for the past 5 weeks..
here is something a bit different..

what would you do with your old hardware or computer?
sometimes it is a must to change your PC or laptop in order to keep up with the updates.. and the new versions of every software..
or to have compatible software/hardware..

but what would you do with the old one?

it's simple:
Free Geek accepts computers and computer related hardware in any condition, so bring your stuff over to us regardless of whether it is functional or not. Free Geek proudly participates in the Oregon E-Cycles program which offers free and convenient recycling of computers, monitors, and televisions for all Oregonians. If you have more than 7 of these items, please call ahead to determine if we will accept the additional computers, monitors, or televisions for free.
Free Geek accepts nearly everything that plugs into a computer or an electrical outlet. We are happy to accept your printer, scanner, router, UPS, digital camera, PDA, cell phone, and a whole lot more! Free Geek has suggested monetary donation amounts for individual pieces of hardware. These funds support our volunteer programs, keep the lights on, and are much appreciated! As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization all donations to Free Geek are tax deductible.
If you will be bringing in pallet loads of equipment, please call ahead to set up an appointment and verify what we are able to accept free of charge.

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