Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bring your Coffee Mug!

The number of paper coffee cups is increasing tremendously each year in the landfills. Last year, Starbucks contributed for close than 3 billion of paper coffee cups in the landfills. Some simple actions can reduce at high level the impact that those paper cup have on the environment.

Starbucks is currently working on a recycling program in some of its locations but the problem is that most of the people don't stay in a Starbucks to finish their coffee. 

Global Green USA reports that every year, 58 billion paper cups are used in the U.S. at restaurants, events and homes. If all paper cups in the U.S. were recycled, 645,000 tons of waste would be diverted from landfills each year.
Bringing your own coffee mug with you every day is the best solution to fight against the amount of waste we're generating just by drinking coffee. Starbucks is offering since 1985 10 cents for every customer bringing their own mug and they offered, for a day last month, for every customer bringing their own mug. The goal of Starbucks is to make its paper and plastic cup recyclable by 2012.
“We want to do for the coffee cup what happened with the grocery bag,” Packard said, referring to the supermarkets industry success convincing many consumers to bring in their own shopping bags, rather than taking a new plastic bag with each visit.
So you know what to do before leaving the house tomorrow, take your mug with you! 

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