Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is planned obsolescence part of their marketing and sales strategies??

Most companies now deny that planned obsolescence is part of their marketing and sales strategies. But there’s no doubt that it still happens, and it can be seen in practically every type of product sold on the market.

But there’s another factor to take into consideration, too … consumer responsibility. How much should buyers be responsible for in terms of planned obsolescence? In reality, consumers can help stop this strategy just by doing a little bit of research! 

The Better Business Bureau and a variety of consumer advocate groups all have rating systems for every product on the market. They can tell you about the company, how well the product is made, and what the expected lifespan is for everything from a car to a cell phone to a computer software program.
A lot of times, we’ll buy a waffle iron that cost $4 more, just to save that $4. But in reality, we’re paying just a little bit less for a product that is a whole lot cheaper quality. For an extra $4, you could be buying something that will last for years longer than the cheaper product. 

There’s a great article on planned obsolescence and how big businesses and corporations stand on the procedure, along with consumer responsibility. Check it out at

By: Abdullah Alarifi

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