Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another insight on betting with Nuclear Power

This is an interesting article that highlights some numbers worth considering.  Here are some basic points to take away:
  • ·         For instance, even though a substantial amount of radiation has indeed leaked into Japan’s sea. However, a member of the public would be have to eat seaweed and seafood harvested just one mile from the discharge pipe for a year to receive an effective dose of 0.6 millisieverts.
  • ·          On average, Americans receive 3 millisieverts each year (In most countries the current maximum permissible dose to radiation workers is 20 mSv per year averaged over five years, with a maximum of 50 mSv in any one year.).
  • ·         Considering the pros and cons of other sources of energy including how expensive they can be.
  • ·         For instance in Japan, you would need 1.3 billion-acre of land if you want solar power plants. The effective cost would be one trillion dollars.
 Click on the link to read more about an interesting perspective on Nuclear energy.

- Adnan Mansoor

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