Thursday, April 28, 2011

Solar Power Safer than Nuclear Energy

Every day – every hour, the problems with Japan’s nuclear reactors seem to get worse.  In the wake of the massive 9.0 Japan earthquake on March 11, 2010, radiation leaks from the power plants are causing major concerns.  Worldwide, countries are re-evaluating the safety of nuclear energy within their own borders.  Fears of what could happen in the wake of other major natural disasters leaves many giving solar energy a closer look.

There can be no question that solar power is safer than nuclear energy.  Before the Japan earthquake, some commentators were starting to refer to nuclear as another form of clean, renewable energy.  That is fast changing, however.
Since the disaster in Japan, some solar energy stocks have climbed 3-6% in just a few days.  Experts believe that the trend will continue to rise, causing more demand for solar power in the short term.  Moreover, the cost of solar is projected to be lower than nuclear power by 2015, even with safety concerns set aside.  As solar panel costs have been falling since 1998, the price tag for a new nuclear reactor has gone up from a projected $2 billion in 2000, to more than $10 billion today.
Regardless of cost comparisons between the two energy sources, we can all agree that we’ll never have to evacuate thousands of people in the event of a “solar power meltdown.”  The only radiation associated with solar energy is pure sunlight.
Perhaps its now time to give solar power its day in the sun, and reconsider our reliance on nuclear energy.Solar Power Safer than Nuclear Energy

~ Laura Wilcox 


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