Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How far are we from another Chernobyl?

Lindsey Rieger provided  the article she listed below "25 years later". It is really interesting to see and compare what happened and what is happening these days in Japan. Are we facing another Chernobyl? 

I gathered this info from couple of articles... You should read! 

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. In light of that, and the story continuing to unfold at Japan's Fukishima plant, we'll look at three of the worst nuclear plant disasters. First, to give some context, here's how the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) classifies each type of event:

Major release of radioactive material; widespread health and environmental effects
Significant release; requires planned countermeasures  

Limited release; several deaths from radiation 

Minor release 

Exposure in excess of 10 times the annual limit for workers; possible burns from exposure

Exposure of statutory annual limits 

Level 1: Anomaly

Biggest nuclear disasters
Date: April 26, 1986

Level: 7 on INES  

Comparison: The Chernobyl plant accident released significantly more radiation into the atmosphere than the Hiroshima bombing during World War II. (How much more radiation?) How does that compare with the Fukishima event?

What happened:
    Plant operators carrying out technical experiment switched off key safety systems
    Explosion blew off the reactor's 2,000-ton steel and concrete lid
    No secondary containment vessel
    Reactor later entombed (see photos); since has developed cracks and is being replaced by new structure
    An 18-mile (30-km) exclusion zone remains in force
    You can visit the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev; tours are also offered inside the exclusion zone

Note: At the time of the accident, Chernobyl was located in the Soviet UnionHow far are we from another Chemobyl?

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