Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meltdown 101: What is a nuclear reactor meltdown? 

"Combine the word “nuclear” with the word “meltdown,” and you get something which sounds really scary to the average person. But all those scientists on cable news talking about what’s happening in Japan aren’t always clear about what a nuclear meltdown is, and isn’t. Is it an explosion? Will it burn a hole to the center of the earth? Does it spray radioactive stuff into the air, poisoning the surrounding landscape?" 

Well, everyone has been hearing about what is going on in Japan after the horrible Tsunami that had hit the country last month. Peter Grier, Staff writer wrote this article explaining some of what is happening in Japan in regard to this. 

I highly encourage you to read the article. Its very interesting and it breaks down whats happening and the consequences of Japan in a very easy and "broken down" way. 


~ Luai Abdallah

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