Saturday, April 30, 2011

The town that wants nuclear waste

I found this to be a very interesting article about the problem of nuclear waste. We all know that Nuclear energy creates a bi product that is highly radio active and dangerous. The issue then obviously is what to do with this waste. A town in Sweden, Osthammar, has volunteered for the job. The article describes some reactions from the people who live there with their obvious concerns on how it will affect their environment. I found it interesting that the men and women in the town had very different concerns. The women were wanting to know will it affect the berries which they pick for food or will the moose they hunt. The men being more interested in the technology and how safe the facilities they use will be. I find it hard to believe that any town would volunteer for the job but as long as we need nuclear power there will always be the issues of what to do with the waste. I've posted a link to the article which also has a video and a link to a site which gives information on what nuclear waste is and can be done with it.

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