Friday, July 29, 2011

A Community Who Is Taking Action Against Coal

A Community Who Is Taking Action Against Coal

I just came across a documentary called Burning The Future: Coal in America by David Novak. The documentary gives a look into how communities live around coal mines that are being mined, blasted and how communities face devastating health risks in addition to environmental challenges. The community in West Virgina show how dirty their drinking water is in the video, how their children are effected and how people need to get involved to fight for justice. This inspirational video is amazing, and below is just a glimpse of the the documentary that I found from a website. 

Brief Video:

For more information please see the following website:

By Rebeca Petean


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  1. It is a bit of juggling game in the coal industry and coal prices from underground mines to ensure enough electricity and steel capacity worldwide while making sure the impact on the environment and people is minimal.