Thursday, July 7, 2011

EPA Capping Coal Plant Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency has just finalized a rule capping the emissions from certain pollutants from coal-fired power plants.  The new rule effects 27 states.  The rule would force reductions in the emissions of sulfer dioxide and nitrogen oxide that cross state lines.  This rule coule be the nail in the coffin leading ultility companies to close aging coal plants in search of cleaner energy. 

The rule will be a huge step forward in improving the health of millions of Americans by preventing smog and soot pollution.  In addition to this ruling, the EPA also issued a proposal requiring specific states to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions during the summer.  It is about time that the Federal Government takes serious steps eliminating coal energy.  It is clear that the low cost of coal is not worth the environmental impact that it causes.  This is a small step but definitely a step in the right direction to move toward renewable energy as our main source of energy.  I encourage you to seek out renewable energy option to replace our dependence on fossil fuels.
-Robert Beech

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