Thursday, July 28, 2011

Incentives for renewable energy in Turkey

Greenhouse emissions are increasing rapidly in Turkey. The solution seems to be a focus on developing clean energy in areas such as domestic renewable sources. The incentive is that a guaranteed price for power produced by these methods may be offered, especially if the equipment used to develop clean energy is locally produced.


The proposed rates for the powered generated is seven euro cents a kilowatt hour for hydroelectric produced energy and 16 euro cents for tidal power. People who use turbines from local materials can see an additional 3 euro per kilowatt hour.

$600 millon has already been approved for the Project in Turkey.

Monetary incentives sure are a great way to get people involved in clean energy, but the local aspect of what Turkey has proposed is great in gaining interest of the locals. The materials are local and the jobs in building those materials probably are as well.

While this article focuses on Turkey, you can also do part by seeing if there is any alternative energy programs in your area. An example of one such program can be found in Portland, Oregon. You can learn about the renewable energy option here: 

-Wallace Chan

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