Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Emissions Rulings Have Power Companies Scrambling

Emissions from coal producing plants are already being lowered.  In due time, the cost of reducing emissions from coal may be too great.  One such company AEP has already spent 7.2 billion dollars to reduce emissions from coal.  New EPA standards are forcing such companies to recuce emissions even further but are the new regulations unrealistic? 

New EPA regulations now require companies to lower emissions within 3 years from the current policy.  This creates an issue for several companies as the equipment takes roughly three years just to design.  In addition, the costs are roughly 6 to 8 billion to conform to the new regulations.  Could this be the beginning of the end for coal power in America.  Some say the costs are too high and that this could start a new wave of alternative energy inginuity in the United States.  Power companies are pushing for a ten year time frame to adhere to the new guidelines.  They say this will be more manageable finanically and will lead to extended jobs in the industry.  Regardless of the time frame, it is clear that the coal industry is definitely facing it's biggest challenge to date. 

-Robert Beech

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