Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lots of power in a small package

Getting energy from a source that doesn’t require the construction of a large structure is entirely possible. Micro hydro electric generators are different from traditional hydroelectric dams in that they don’t need to be placed near a reservoir and are small and require little space to operate. They are placed near streams and can generate lots of energy without damaging the surrounding environment.

One of the kinds of micro hydro electric generator

The small nature of the generator means that less cost goes into the implementation of such as device. Benefits can be seen in many countries including the United States to small regions such as Nepal and Malaysia. In fact, those countries have used hydro-powered systems and are benefiting from the use of the smaller, inexpensive version. The renewable nature of running streams makes this an appealing energy source.

It looks as if this is a viable and low cost solution to more damaging (and high cost) methods of power such as coal. The bonus is how it doesn't seem to have an effect on the environment or to wildlife such as migrating salmon something that can't be said for more traditional hydroelectric dams (a story often repeated, especially here in the Pacific Northwest).

There are actually three different kinds of micro hydro electric generators. To read more on how each works go to

-Wallace Chan

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