Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Renewable Energy Company Eager to move to Portland

Vestas, which is a worldwide wind energy company is opening up its US headquarters in Portland, OR.  In addition, the company will be installing the city's largest rooftop solar power system.  The system will be built on top of the 102-year-old Meier & Frank Depot building.  Oregon based SolarWorld will team up with Vestas to provide the solar panels for the 112 (KW) photovoltaic system.  The panels will provide 12 percent of the building's electricity. 

The city's mayor welcomes the venture and hopes that this adds to the city's goal of being the renewable energy hub of the United States.  I feel extremely lucky to live in a city that encourages renewable energy.  Portland is a great model that many other cities across the country can learn from.  I hope that eventually news like this is not news at all.  Instead, it should be a common occurrence moving us closer to a unified worldwide stance toward renewable energy. 
-Robert Beech


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