Friday, July 15, 2011

An Inspirational Story About Change

An Inspirational Story About Change

Brief Summary: An inspirational story on how a group of people came together to change old ways of relying coal and charcoal as a cooking alternative in third world countries.

Goal Of This Blog And Video: The goal of this video and blog is to show how people can change each others minds by simply working together towards a common goal. If people were able to find alternatives for coal and charcoal when it came down to cooking foods in a third world country. Then there is hope towards developing strategies for a healthier public.



       There is unquestionably a link between public health and the environment in which the cause and effect between the two affect the way people live, the air people breath as well as the overall illnesses due to an unhealthy environment. In other words, public health promotes awareness of problems that exist and influence the public’s health. This can include, informing the public of certain diseases, or illnesses and promoting different approaches that can become integrated or developed in order to promote action towards the safety, and health of the public. The environment in return contributes to the air people breath, the water people drink and the cause of illnesses, diseases that lead to the cause of death for people.
    Both, public health and the environment cannot be addressed without addressing the other because if the environment is unhealthy it can cause illnesses and diseases. Public health then steps in to address solutions,  with regards to the public health and the environment as well as integrates developments that help people all over the world, to have clean drinking water, or cleaner air to breathe. Also, with regards to Smith’s lecture, I found that the information she provided was realistic and inspirational because she addresses devastating issues that were impacting the environment, safety, health and well being of the community in Haiti and in India.
    Smith's lecture was inspiring because every year she gets a team of students and helps find ways to save the environment. As a result, of her actions people do not have to cut trees to make fire since Smith and her team helped develop innovative and cost effective cooking products. Smith and her team of students found an unusual plant that served no purpose that would be used as a cooking product. However, if the charcoal and coal becomes implemented the revenue would be 260 million dollars; for a population of 8 million in Haiti. Furthermore, Smith’s model of engagement is both a charity and a human rights model because her goal (along with the communities and the people she works with) is to address public health and environmental issues while developing strategies for a healthier public.

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By Rebeca Petean

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