Sunday, December 9, 2012

BPA, a New Epidemic

By: Erica Blair
BPA (Bisphenol), a plastic that is actually biodegradable that has started to spread like wildfire in our oceans, our bodies and in animals.  BPA is used a year to make food containers, re-useable water bottles, the liner of can goods, baby bottles, toys, CDs and DVDs to name a few.  Our industrial revolution has made a product that keeps on giving, but not in the best way.  1 million pounds are released into the environment a year leaving harmful side effects on our health.
The side effects of BPA exposure is not limited to the following study based on 400 Americans; 95% of them had BPA levels in their urine.  


5 Ways to Protect Yourself From BPAs
·      Use stainless steel or glass water bottles and food containers.
·      Buy BPA-free canned goods such as Eden Foods.
·      Don’t use plastic bags; make your own cloth re-useable ones!
·      Ask for paper next time you are at check out line.
·      Don’t by bottled water.

Glass Water Bottles

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