Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunscreen: Its Impact On Coral Reefs During Your Winter Vacation

By: Erica Blair
It’s that time of year when people start to plan their winter vacations to warm place.  One item that you don’t want to forget is your sunscreen.  Let’s protect our skin and our oceans at the same time! 
Coral reefs inhabit a million different plants and animals that couldn’t survive without the reef present.  With an estimated 6,000 tons of sunscreen being released by swimmers per year, the coral reefs are under attack.  Most of the sunscreens responsible for this attack are those containing a petroleum based. 

Tips When Buying and Using Sunscreen
·      Look for the coral safe logo.
·      Look on label for it to say biodegradable.
·      Put on 10-15 before you go into the water so it can absorb into your skin and less into the water.

Coral Safe Sunscreens
·      Badger
·      Coral Safe
·      Alba Botanical
·      Earth’s Best

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