Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exciting News! Fooooood!

Just a short a sweet post about an organization I learned about today!

BY: Rachel Bauman


Slow Food which is a National organization (with local chapters all over) that focuses on bringing people back to having a connection with the food they eat through culture and community and also the farmers who make it all possible. They believe that "every individual has a right to Good, Clean, and Fair food in their daily life" (Slow Food). Follow this link to see their definition of "Good, Clean and Fair" foods. VERY interesting and intriguing. http://www.slowfoodusa.org/index.php/slow_food/good_clean_fair/


Slow Food wishes to reactivate people's interest in buying local food and understanding where there food really comes from. Slow food believes in the idea that food should go straight from the farms to your table. Research has shown that over years of mass farming only one crop in a specific area our fruits and vegetables have lost significant amounts of nutrition. So Slow Food through Happy Hours, cooking classes, group events and community outreach, they try to inform the community and reconnect them to their main source of life (THE FOOD WE EAT!) People at Slow Food are very knowledgeable in helping find local and seasonal food and fill you in as to why its important for our environment with healthier soils and cleaner water, but also how it is better for you. 


Biodiversity is not only good for us as consumers, (having a well rounded diet) but also healthy for the Earth's soil. Changing up crops helps keep nutrients in the soil rich thus making the crops grown better and full of all that nutrition our food once had before mass production and more people had gardens or were farmers. Speaking of farmers, eating foods that are grown locally helps boost the community economy and support farmers which are a dwindling resource. Farmers have a hard time making ends meet more than ever these days, but Slow Food advocates and works directly with local farmers!

On top of getting better vegetables Slow Food also advocates for animals so they have more space and provide healthier eggs/meat.


Be active in your purchases and do some research as to where your food comes from and who handles it or regulates its quality. Reconnect with an input in your life that is VITAL! When was the last time you picked fresh fruits or vegetables or visited a local farmers market. When you taste that food you can see and taste the difference! Local foods are much richer and vibrant- usually much more nutritious for you! 
Last note, think about when the last time you made a home cooked meal from delicious fresh ingredients and shared it with those you love? Slow Food promotes "the celebration of food as a cornerstone of pleasure, culture, and community".

What are you waiting for... get cooking!!!!!!!

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