Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winterize Your Home Naturally For Cheap!

By:  Erica Blair
Every winter it never fails, our heat bills go up.  This year, try something new and inexpensive!

Natural Winterizing Tips For Your Home and Wallet
·      Close curtains instead of buying plastic to cover windows.
·      Program your thermostat, warmer when you are home and when you aren’t at home or are in bed, turn down the temperature.
·      Change your furnace filter to help with clean airflow.
·      Open and uncover all your heating vents.
·      Add blankets to your bed.
·      Wear socks, slippers and warm clothes while at home.
·      Sleep with a hot water bottle for extra warmth.
·      Check around doors and windows for air drafts or leaks then add caulk to the leaks.
·      Place rolled up mats or blanket on the floor near doors leading outside to keep the warmth in.
·      If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace make sure to use it!
·      Drink hot tea or coco to keep your insides warm.


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  1. Hot water bottles are the best! In the spring and summer (before it gets too hot to use it) I empty the water in my 5 gallon watering can, then I use it to water the garden. :)