Friday, December 7, 2012

Learning about how to save the environment has never been easier!

Though the American mindset has shifted to become more environmentally- conscious, half of consumers say they "do not have the information to be personally involved in increasing their green behavior". Nearly half (49%) also state they would do more for the environment if they only knew how. The increasing speed of daily life has also had an impact as 48% admit they know they should make the green lifestyle changes but are too busy.
What if you could learn about easy behavior changes you could make by simply watching videos on your computer?

Welcome to Switch Labs, a laboratory started by Portland General Electric to put energy advice to the test. Do you have what seems like a simple problem but can not seem to find the answer?
Learn the answers to such questions as:

So, which is more efficient: hand washing your dishes or using a machine washer?
Can cold water really get clothes as clean as hot?
What's the most most efficient way to boil water?
You hear it all the time: You're wasting energy and money from all those devices you have plugged in  but aren't using. But is it true?
They have pitted man against machine to see which could do dishes the most efficiently, and other great experiments. There is also other great resources such as results and metrics, including graphical representation of the data.  They don't stop there: they admit that they have some ideas of what to do next, but guess that you probably do too.  This site offers you a way to request what the next experiment will be.  So, the next time you feel that you do not have the time to learn about how you can make a difference, pour yourself a glass a wine, or grab a cup of coffee, have a seat, and watch how you can make a difference!

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