Thursday, March 13, 2014

Biodiversity and Health



          Humans are a part of biodiversity and rely on other species for all of their needs: food, livelihood, medicine, and also purified air and water. For instance, oceans provide vital foods for the human diet and also regulate climate. Forests, on the other hand, help regulate water supplies and provide sources of fuel.

Human activities today make use of these natural systems in ways which have pushed the system to its limit and over time will impact the natural resources that humans need. Unfortunately, most of the negative effects on the ecosystem have been caused by humans. Human activities that enable them to live comfortable, convenient, and long-lasting lives are ironically starting to have serious effects on the delicate natural environment that they need for continued survival. Cutting down trees at an alarming rate, over-fishing in the ocean, causing pollution from farming are examples of some of these negative impacts. Humans are consuming resources in a non-sustainable way that, in the near future, will make it so humans might not be able to obtain food, clean water, and have a stable climate. 

Humans need to understand that the earth works as a linked biological and physical system, and that humans have a vested interest in understanding and protecting the planet.

Additionally, plants are saving hundreds of human lives nowadays. For hundreds of years, people have been using plants in medications and now species in the ocean are providing us with medicines that can be used to cure several diseases. Humans need to protect these natural resources so they can protect the plants that the human species needs to survive in a way that is sustainable. 

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