Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Biodiversity Research Institute

Biodiversity Research Institute and Contaminants in Mexican Resort Regions

A lot of Mexican resorts are facing many contamination issues within their beach resorts at many popular tourist locations. Beaches are becoming chemically polluted by plastic and marine debris. The state of Guerrero could be the concern for the plastic pollution around its beach resorts. They know of the issue and partnered with biodiversity research institute to better their environment and beaches. Also Tropical storm Manuel washed debris down from the highlands to the lower flood plain, out of the mouths of the rivers and into the coastline, the surf brought all the debris back into the coastline. In reaction many people would quickly clean up the debris and burn it, doing their best to separate the plastic.  This does work as a short-term plan; however; they are aiming towards a long-term plan to better improve their quality of their beaches. Mexicans and Americans have been focusing on three environmental contaminants: Plastic, petroleum and mercury.

 38 women of childbearing age were tested for mercury and 70% were above the minimum observable adverse effect level. This was a short-term study and they plan to do long term studies to increase research. Biodiversity Research Institute plan to work hard in Latin America, they educate by getting their information out to the public by scientific journals, school programs. Their goal is about effecting behavioral change so that long term they are doing a better job of relating to their environments.

The spread of oil from the Deepwater Horizon site overlapped spawning grounds of the Atlantic bluefin tuna. 

The spread of oil from the Deep water Horizon sire brings potential to help solve the bycatch problem caused by surface longlines, Oil spill restoration money could help pay for a gear transition program; Switching from surface longlines to selective fishing gears could protect rare and depleted ocean wildlife while keeping fishermen in business.  

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