Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walk and Do the Right Thing

Walk and Do The Right Thing

Okay, so today I did the annual Shamrock Run (or in my case, walk). This is a marathon, so it came in groups which are 15K (9 miles), 8K (5 miles), and 5K (3 mile) . My original idea was to only do the 5K but somehow I kept on walking till I hit about 7 miles. When I was doing this I thought about writing what I learned from what I had done on here. One thing that we should start doing is going for walks and stop trying to drive our cars everywhere we go because, as we all know, this can cause pollution because most other cars aren't hybrid or eco-friendly. Also it keep us healthy and gives us time to explore the wonderful city we call Portland.
The thing about this day is that I saw things that I thought were totally wrong and I think should be noted. Well first off, let's not leave a bunch of crap--by crap, I literately mean crap (I think most of it is from the horse that some police officer rode on or something)--because there were quite a few of them lying around.  I am sorry but our city isn't a place where you can put your animals' poop anywhere, because this is not a city dump. It's a place where we all live and breathe, and have fun marathons. This marathon started early in the morning, so there was enough time where they could have cleaned it up before that and also we didn't really need to use horses because horses can get easily sick when put in the rain. 
Once I got to the 2-mile walking zone I saw refreshments for people who ran or were in need of water. One of the things I didn't see was a trash can/recycle bin for when the runners/walkers were done with their drinks.  So what happened was that most people that did this marathon didn't have anywhere to put their paper cups, so they mostly threw them on the ground.  For me, I think they should have put trash cans/recycle bins somewhere because we really don't need to litter the streets. This was only one incident that I saw that needed trash cans/recycle bins.  The others were the Clam Chowder in the little cups and water bottles that they gave out at the end.  I also thought it would have been helpful if there were trash cans during the marathon because some of us can't handle a run or our body decides to betray us and make us throw up all the food that we might have eaten earlier. Nobody wants to see that. 
I mean I know the run is for a very good cause but at the same time we have to keep in mind that we need to also be protecting our planet as well.  If people didn't know where to put their cups they could have easily just thrown them into the water where birds and fish can die from them. If we keep on doing what we are doing it could go get rid of 86 different species.  If we don't start cleaning when we do these marathons then we're just making the United States polluted. Other than that, it was a great run.  Hopefully next year they will do a little bit better.
Here is some research and also a link to the Shamrock Run, so maybe you might want to try next year
Shamrock Run link
research reference 
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