Thursday, March 20, 2014

Strong Biodiversity Helps Humans Thrive

People rely on a strong healthy ecosystem for food we eat and to make a living. When a particular species start to dwindle in population, the entire ecosystem will start to dismantle. When an ecosystem begins to weaken and suffer, so do the people around it, especially the poor.

The World Bank is an organization dedicated to eliminating poverty across the globe. They invest a large amount of their money and time into making sure cultures and communities maintain strong biodiversity. In Sierra Leone, where over-fishing has dramatically lowered the biodiversity in marine life, The World Bank has invested in trying to bring back the marine ecosystem to the villages. They did this by improving surveillance and prosecution of illegal fishing, and providing training on sustainable fishing practices. With fish being one of the only sources of protein for the villagers, having no fish would be very, very bad news. They would get very thin and weak and eventually die off themselves.

Fortunately for people in the US, we have a vast number of sources to pull from, given our fortune and power. Other countries are not so lucky – and biodiversity directly and immediately affects the people of these poorer countries.

To find out more about The World Bank and what they are doing to help biodiversity, check out their website here!

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