Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How Can We Preserve Biodiversity?

        How can we preserve biodiversity? Since biodiversity plays a big role in our lives, people should take an interest in helping ease the pressure on the loss of biodiversity. Making simple changes in our everyday routines can protect biodiversity in our ecosystem. 

        Trying to lower the human activities that cause climate change is one way that we can ease this pressure. Some of the activities that cause climate change include the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. People need to find new ways to do these activities in a way that does not influence our climate. The change in climate affects a number of species on the planet in ways that can increase the number of extinct species. 
Another action that can be taken to limit the effect on biodiversity is by prohibiting the purchase of products that are made from animals' skin, fur, bone, shell, beak, or hooves, particularly of endangered species. Buying these unsustainable products is not that necessary in our lives as there are many other alternatives. Buying wood and wood products that are produced in a sustainable and legal way is another way to promote biodiversity. Take the example of illegal logging into consideration. People need to question where their garden furniture or wood flooring comes from and whether or not it was produced sustainably. You can in fact look for the Forest Stewards Council label when you are buying wood In order to make sure that you are only buying wood from a sustainable source. Also you can reduce your paper use by using recycled paper. Using recycled paper can save up to twenty four trees per tone of paper.

Buying sustainable seafood also plays a big role in preserving biodiversity. 80% of the planet’s species live underwater. This marine life is being affected by overfishing and pollution. In your home or restaurant it is important to choose sustainable fish and try to avoid endangered seafood such as Bluefin Tuna or Northsea Cod and try to find seafood that is labelled with the Blue MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) logo. 
All of these changes are simple and can be done easily, so why not do them and protect your life and other species living in the ecosystem?

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