Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Driver New Car ..No Money

New Driver New Car..No Money

You're probably wondering why I have a picture of a cartoon car here. I have it on here because I want you to think about those old movies that you would watch about using alternative ways to get around, or another way to make your car run. When I was younger I would watch the movie "The Shaggy Dog."  In that movie they created a way to keep the car running with just plain old grass.  In today's world we see so many different smart cars out there, there are ones that can parallel park themselves, some are even electric, but then again all of them come back to the basic way of getting your car to get around and that is by gas. 
Why can't we create something that we use without using gas?  Most of the gas is either polluting the air or getting spilled in the ocean where it can hurt other harmless creatures. I know the idea of having a Jetson type of car isn't going to be here in a while, still technology is moving fast, but apparently not fast enough to create something that doesn't use any type of gas.
Not only that but gas is so expensive nowadays. According to USA Today, that's not going to stop soon.  I mean, how many of us are broke and can't really afford to put money in a car because the gas prices keep on rising to point where you would rather take the bus?  With all this technology that we have on cars, why can't we create something that is cost-effective or at least something that will help us survive in today's world where people barely have jobs and can hardly afford the car that they have now?
Yet this might not be such a bad thing because, as I said, it kind of makes you want to take a bus when you think about the rising gas prices. You have to look at all the other methods that people are using to get around besides a car.  For Portland there is the Max, bus, bike, walking, running, streetcar, etc. If we use these other methods we can be saving money and it will help keep us in shape. Which kind of makes me want to give up my car.
Gary, S., @gbstrauss, & USA, T. (n.d). Look for gas prices to surge again soon. USA Today.


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