Sunday, June 7, 2015

Modular Cell Phones and Delaying Obsolescence

by Eliot Woodrich

What if anyone could repair or upgrade their smartphone on their on schedule, and not the schedule of a profit-driven high stakes electronics industry. Some people legitimately prefer using their old devices, but as times goes on, certain lacking features may result in a perfectly functioning smartphone being thrown away in working order.

The company Phoneblocks has a novel approach to designing phone electronics where each component (like the camera, speaker, CPU) are separated into removable and upgradeable blocks. So if something breaks, it can be easily repaired with a new block. If a new technology is need on your phone? A suitable block could be added and it would be able to compete with new, non-modular phones.

Another very similar idea is being considered by Google, called Project Ara, although both projects are still in the mostly speculative stage.

Google Project Ara

Modular smartphones would be a great way to at least delay obsolescence, and decrease the volume of electronics waste while saving money.

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  1. we can change out parts in a computer, why not a phone?

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