Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Throw Out or Recycle?

by Lindsay Pemberton

Jamba Juice is particular favorite when the weather gets warm and you need a healthy smoothie to give you a boost and keep you cool. Their drinks served in styrofoam cups have recently had a uplifting change though! They are now served in paper cups that are made out renewable materials and are also fully recyclable. This change came because of Jamba Juice's commitment to better people through their products, and what better way to accomplish that than through their resources? According to their website, they researched multiple products that would accommodate their thick beverages, but were also completely recyclable. According to their CEO James D. White, “As a Company with a strong concern for people and the planet, we continually seek to improve our environmental footprint across all areas of our business, and our move to this innovative paper cup is a major milestone in these efforts. I am proud of the hard work our team has put forth over the past few years in finding a more viable solution for our cups.”  

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