Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Planned Obsolescence and What You Can Do

by Lindsay Pemberton

With the term coming to a close, there are some things that we can reflect on in the content that we have all visited. We looked through companies that encourage planned obsolescence, companies that have fought it, and the effects it has on our society, economy and our environment. We have lots to do as a society to help insight change in our cultures to help our environment and luckily, we are not the only ones concerned about this problem. There are many resources to look into for more information on planned obsolescence and our job as responsible members of society is not over, but it has just begun. If you need more information or want other ways to get involved see the links below for more resources, and have a great summer!

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  1. Letting the oligarchies know that consumers won't take it and that they will speak out about crappy merchandise works, at least to a degree. I have found that complacent consumers have few rights but when people speak out they can get replacements especially if they're well informed. By speaking out I have managed to be part of complaints that have Partially reversal of Planned obsolescence but without vigilant consumers it will come back and more needs to be done.