Wednesday, June 10, 2015

REI---Selling Long Lasting Products & Excellent Customer Service/Comsumer Benefits

by: Zoë Pearson


Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild,  became a motion picture last November starring Reese Witherspoon.  Not only was the film crucially honest and beautifully inspirational, it also shed light on a company which values consumers and hopes they receive maximum use out of their products. The Seattle based outdoor company, personally assisted Strayed in a serious time of need. Due to the fact that she had bought too small of boots for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, her feet had undergone intense blistering. When taking them off to rest at the top of a mountain, Strayed loses one boot and chucks the other. At her next refueling station, REI was able to send her a new pair of boots in the right size for free. This gracious act of customer service stuck with her, making it into the big box office film.
REI sells and promotes products which are made for prolonged use….in fact they dare to write “nearly forever.”  This is an excellent company that fights against the cycle.
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