Monday, May 30, 2016

Children and Pet Safe Alternative Forms of Pesticide

Pesticides are packed full of harmful chemicals designed to kill unwanted weeds and disease on the spot with almost instant results. Due to the high amount of chemical modifications, these treatments can leave some of those harmful chemicals in the soil, which is usually un-biodegradable after treatment has already been done. These chemical pesticides are not safe for humans or animals to come in contact with, and have warning labels that support this. Most people don’t realize the harmful effects that these pesticides can have on the soil as well as people, but there are alternatives that can be safe to use in a yard surrounded by pets and children.

Here are a few alternative forms of pesticides:
1.     Vinegar and Lime Juice
Vinegar and limejuice are both common ingredients and provide just enough acidity to kill those unwanted weeds and bacteria with out leaving behind a toxic aftermath. Undiluted vinegar is so acidic which makes for an effectively potent weed killer, and will do the job well on its own. Limejuice on its own is also highly acidic, so with the addition of lime juice added to the vinegar it will make for a more effective homemade and organic pesticide. Using the vinegar and limejuice as a pesticide instead of a store bought chemical product, means that pets and children will not be harmed if they come in contact with the homemade product.

2.     Epson Salt
Epson salt is fairly cheap and provides a very eco friendly way of repelling unwanted insects and pests from reaching your plants. However, anything in excess is not a good thing. When using Epson salt be careful not to over salt the plants as it can deteriorate the roots if too much is used. At the same time be sure to reapply the salt after the plants have been watered or after a rainfall.

3.     Lawn Height
In regards to pesticides used in lawns, interestingly enough, changing the mower’s height to leave the mowed lawn height at about 3 inches will help to reduce the chance of weeds growing in between blades of grass. The longer blades of grass will block the sunlight from reaching the ground making the possibility of a weed to start growing there highly unlikely. The taller grass will survive just fine; it is just the short weeds that haven’t grown yet that will be stunted. This method requires no chemicals and is just a physical characteristic of grass that can act on its own to reduce the amount of chemicals needed for the lawn care.


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