Sunday, May 22, 2016

Succulents Save

     For the millions of Americans living in urban area's, lawn care and maintenance might not be a pressing issue. Water scarcity on the other hand, is becoming a more serious problem across the U.S. Whether or not you spend your weekends manicuring a garden, or simply tending to house plants, most of us have a shared desire to be closer to nature. Depending on where you live in the country, limits on water usage due to global warming are forcing people to get creative with gardening. Succulent gardening is just one way to keep nature close, without depleting the earth of valuable resources along the way. Instead of worrying about mass water usage, toxic chemicals, and pesky lawn clippings, succulent gardening allows us to feel close to nature without breaking the bank or the environment.

      Since succulents need very little water, and can grow almost anywhere, they are perfect for landscaping projects small and large. Succulents can even grow on walls! These succulent projects below, would be a lovely and Eco-friendly addition to any home. 

        This succulent cinder block wall is a cheap way to add 
            dimension and color to your patio without grass

This creative succulent wall was built as a 
space and water saving solution

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