Tuesday, May 31, 2016

You Are What You Plant - Mistakes to Avoid when Landscaping

Landscaping can be costly. One way people spend so much is by including excessive decorative items, which may or may not be a distraction from the beauty of natural landscape. Another common mistake is forgetting to recycle. Instead of throwing away branches, clippings and other debris, you can dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Shredding them and turning them into mulch can be a great alternative for fertilizers. You can also turn them into a compost pile and store them in a container your have made yourself. Another mistake people makes is when they plant in the wrong place. By first identifying the plant - if it needs consistent sunlight or shade - can inextricably change the growth and success of your lawn. To find out how to better take care your plants, here is a link:  Plant Finder. Another good measure to keep in mind is how deep you are planting. Making sure that plants are getting enough air flow. Its usually the same height of the container in which it came. Another one is when cutting the grass to short. This can result in a bare patch and could be susceptible to disease. Make sure to use the right size pots, making sure to that water does dry out too fast. For more information about avoiding common landscaping mistakes 25 biggest landscaping mistakes

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