Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fire-Resistant plants!

I recently posted about why invasive species are such a headache, not only for our forests and landscape, but also our pockets. I also shared about the billions of dollars that are spent annually to help with this problem that we all share.

 Now I would like to share with you a list of very unique NATIVE plants that are fire resistant!
I am a wild land fire fighter for the Oregon Department of Forestry and I can't help but to think about fire safety during this time of year. One of the many tools that we have for people are ways they can better protect their home and property from fire by planting fire-resistant plants around their home. Turns out, these plants are also NATIVE plants to Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

The Oregon Department of Forestry partnered up with the Oregon State University Extension Service, Washington Department of Natural Resources, and the Bureau of Land Management to provide this great tool for homeowners for free to view online or only $3.00 for a hard copy. CLICK HERE to get your copy and be sure to visit the OSU extension  WEBSITE for more information about sustainable gardening and other ways to help preserve the environment.
Here is one of the many flowers included in this book.
Image result for Aquilegia species columbineAquilegia species Columbine Native and ornamental varieties. A dainty perennial with a uniquely shaped flower in multicolored blooms. Foliage is grayish-green with shamrock shape. Remove spent flowers to encourage prolonged blooming. Plant in partial shade for improved drought tolerance. Short-lived but will reseed.

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