Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minimal Maintenance, Eco-Friendly, Creative Lawn Alternatives

Sometimes an easier solution is a better solution. There are a number of ways to build and maintain a lawn, but if given the choice or opportunity to start from scratch, there are multiple methods of developing one’s own lawn that are both easy and sustainable.

This article (houzz - 7 Low-Maintenance Lawn Care Alternatives) outlines seven alternatives to the traditional grass lawn. While the aim of its points is to present ideas which are easier than maintaining traditional grass lawns, the end result is using far less water by volume, and far fewer mowings. Mowing with the average, gas-powered consumer lawnmower is one of the most damaging aspects of lawn maintenance, so if one can diminish the number of times a lawn needs to be mowed, perhaps the savings can be passed onto replacing the gas mower with a more economical solution like a manual mower.

Pictured: a non gas-powered lawn mowing solution

The main takeaway here is that creating and maintaining an economically-friendly lawn doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of hard work. There are many different ways to behave and live more sustainably; hopefully, options like these can tap into a busy demographic who may be afraid that embracing sustainability equates to personal hassle. 


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