Saturday, May 21, 2016

Water, mow, fertilize....the right way to do it.

ECOPOL put out a survey a few weeks back and 3/4's of our readers believe that lawns should be managed. If that is the way we feel then we should be managing our lawns in way that is environmentally conscious. In researching this project we came across this amazing article by Consumer Reports that illustrates how to properly engage in lawn care.

The article highlights how to properly water you lawn and garden, which include tips around how often and when. We need to reimagine our relationship with water, if we believe our lawns should be managed, then we have to manage our water usage.

The article also discusses the facts around fertilizers and the different kinds which include organic, and slow and fast release fertilizers.

The last point the article touches on is mowing tips which include how often, how high, and which mower to use.

Use this link to read this article and watch a very informative video that is posted on the link.

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