Monday, March 13, 2017

A World Full Of Petroleum

The world is full of products that come from petroleum. As people living on this earth, we should become aware of how much petroleum we use everyday. There are many health, environmental and political reasons of why people should reduce their petroleum consumption. To quickly sum up the reasons petroleum should be reduced based on our health, environmental and political reasons is because, there is petroleum based fertilizers, toxic chemical exposure during use, pollution, climate change, and rainforest around the world are being destroyed due us relying on petroleum.

To reduce our petroleum consumption, we must understand what products that we own contains petroleum. Some of the first things that may come to mind  are gasoline, plastic, and paint. But, there are other petroleum-based products that may be directly or indirectly involved that not many people are not aware of. Therefore, becoming educated on products that contain petroleum and the issue of it is especially important.

Here are a few ways in which everyone can help to reduce petroleum consumption.
  • Drive less! It may sound hard but by taking the bike to work, taking public transit or even carpooling can help people be more sustainable.
  • Buy food in bulk! This helps to reduce plastic.
  • Grow your own vegetables or buy at a local farmer's market. This helps to reduce the transportations of these products.
  • Buy drinks that come in glass containers.
  • Don’t ever forget the term “reduce, reuse, recycle”! If we keep this concept in mind, we will be reminded that we must cut down on the waste we produce. It also helps us conserve natural resources, landfill and energy.
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