Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Negative Effects of Oil and Gas Drilling

Gas Drilling has had a negative impact on wildlife, water sources, human health, recreation and more. The noise, pollution, traffic and fences disrupt wildlife, which changes it ecologically. For one thing, large vehicles driving to gas drilling locations cause noise disruptions in songbird communication, which can affect breeding and nesting seasons. In addition to the noise disruption, toxic chemicals and dust can also pollute the air, which affects the breathing of many people living in those areas.

Oil Drilling has a negative impact, but heavier one on marine life. When oil is taken from the ocean floor, other chemicals and toxic substances come up as well, including mercury, lead and arsenic. In addition, waves from oil drilling impact sea mammals negatively, and disorient whales. This is all done, so that consumers can have petroleum to fuel cars.
1969, the blowout of an offshore drilling platform in Santa Barbara, Calif. ultimately caused 200,000 gallons of crude oil to spread over 800 square miles (2,072 square kilometers) of ocean and shore.


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